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10 Retailers Riding the BOPIS Wave

7073彩票平台Buy-online-pickup-in-store, better known as BOPIS, isn’t just a trend — it’s becoming a staple of modern retail. RIS takes a look at how far the retail industry has come with this tech and examines where top retailers are with their BOPIS plans in 2020.

New Retail Rules for the Coming Decade

What defines customer experience today and how will it evolve through the year 2030? A comprehensive global research study reveals four new retail rules to abide by in the coming decade: where we are today, where retail will be by 2030, and the technology in play for each.

U.S. Retail Sales Grew This Holiday Season

7073彩票平台Holiday retail sales increased 3.4% this holiday season, according to Mastercard SpendingPulse. Find out how e-commerce sales did and what else retailers have to cheer about.

7073彩票平台 Beverage retailer BevMo! has appointed a new president and CEO, while The Michaels Companies has snagged the chief merchandising and chief operating officer for Walmart U.S. e-commerce to run the ship in 2020.

7073彩票平台 2019 was a year of big change in the grocery space, but even bigger changes are coming for 2020 – here are the top three trends to keep an eye on.

7073彩票平台 Retail is undergoing a period of rapid evolution, and much of that change is being introduced by new players in the market. Now in its second year, RIS takes a look at the retail startups we believe are having the greatest impact on the industry thanks to their unique business models.

While other retailers are closing doors, Dollar General continues to rapidly expand its physical footprint year after year. In 2020, the discount retailer has 1,000 new stores and 50% more remodeling projects planned. Learn about its expansion plans and the five additional ways its driving its business.

Winning the Grocery Wars

Examine emerging consumer trends in grocery and the significant steps retailers are taking and the technologies they are implementing to respond to them.?

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RIS Software Leaderboard 2020

7073彩票平台The annual must-read ranking the best of the best in retail technology. See where your go-to solution provider placed.?

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Are Retailers missing an opportunity to turn data into dollars?

A client told me this just the other day, and it struck a chord; not because it is a pithy play on words, but because it is so very consistent with many of my recent client discussions. “There is data in that system, but we haven’t applied the resources to harvest it and do anything with it.”


Invest in Innovative Technologies for Even Greater Disruption in the Store

With a mountain of challenges comes a single simple question: How to get consumers into the store and keep them coming back? Here are some innovative technologies that show promise for even greater disruption in the store.


Smart Stores for Smart 7073彩票平台pers

Say adios to a record number of stores that failed in 2019. They will not be missed except as an example of what not to do. Find out specific steps to take to avoid making 2020 another record year.


Top 10 Software Vendors in Retail

Customer feedback is critical to every retailer and essential to the "2020 RIS Software LeaderBoard." Based on retailer feedback, here are the top-10 software vendors of the year.


Black Friday Sets Online Sales Record

7073彩票平台 While store traffic declined, this year’s rendition of the official kick off to the holiday shopping season raked in a record $7.4 billion in online sales. Check out the early results.


Teradata Announces Major Partnership with Google

At Teradata Universe the big data and analytics leader announced its flagship solution, Teradata Vantage, will soon be coming to Google Cloud. The partnership expands Teradata’s cloud reach to all three leading public cloud companies, offering its customers greater flexibility.

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